Getting Started with a Camera Data Plan

Ridgetec Cellular cameras require an activated SIM card or camera data plan in order to integrate with the Portal and Mobile Apps. All SIM cards and data plans must be obtained through Ridgetec. Your camera will ship with a SIM card in the package.

The portal and cameras support two types of Camera Data Plans:

  • Prepaid
  • Pay as you go

Prepaid Plans

The Prepaid SIM cards are for the SUMMIT-4-CC3 cameras. The SIM cards will automatically activate on first use. The Prepaid Summit-4 plans have a duration of 6 months, or support for the use of 20,000 image points. The Prepaid Plan will automatically terminate either at the end of the 6 month period or when all 20,000 image points are consumed, whichever occurs first.

Click this button to add your camera data plan now: Add Camera Data Plan

Pay as you go Plans

Coming soon...

What are Image Points?

Our cellular cameras currently support 5 upload sizes. Under your camera settings tab, this is referred to as Upload Resolution.

The values for Upload Resolution are:

  • Standard Low
  • Standard Medium
  • Standard High
  • High Resolution 720p
  • High Resolution MAX (on demand only)

The following chart details the plan Image Points, used at each Upload Resolution:

Upload Resolution Image Points used
Standard Low 1
Standard Medium 2.5
Standard High 4
High Resolution 720p 7
High Resolution MAX 13

As your camera captures and uploads each photo to the portal, it will consume points at a rate based on its Upload Resolution